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Hi, could you please upload the Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator game? I would greatly appreciate it, I've searched everywhere and I can not find it. What's the procedure for installing rap files on ofw 4.82. Hello guys, this site is the best. I hope that you can upload some games that don't receive much atention like Green Lantern– Rise of The Manhunters and The Saboteur. Glad to share with you, we updated many games in the PKG format for you. The games which we are listed below are available for download in PKG format. Further, in the PS3 PKG games list, you can download all these games in other formats too. We are continuously working on it and try to update all the games in PKG format with RAP file as soon as possible. The reason is behind that, you can now easily install games in your PS3 Super Slim console, if you are not aware of then for you we already published an article, how to inject ps3 games on OFW 4.81/4.82, and below mentioned all the games are tested. Both users CFW and OFW can easily install it. Find your favorite game in the PS3 PKG Games List, download it and inject it in your PS3 console and enjoy it. So, let's start. Please Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (EUR)– "RAP"– and thx a lot for this great works i love your website and especially your chanel youtube. Want PS3 or PS4 PSN? Join on Discord. We are trying our best. Soon We will. Kill the Bad Guy (EUR) PS4 ISO Download. PS4 Game Name: Rugby League Live 4 Working on: CFW 5.05 ISO Region: Europe Language: English Game Source: Bluray Game Format: PKG Mirrors Available: Rapidgator Includes update for v1.07. @2016 2018 - PS3 Jailbreak Download Free. All Right Reserved. Please add dragon ball raging blast 2 in pkg please please fast. If we have only "PS3_Game folder" and there are no "patch updates" for those games, then how can we convert those games to the PKGs, please tell me?. Do you have Skyrim? And, thank you so much for everything!. HI SMART SK, PLS ADD GOD OF WAR SAGA, CAUSE ASCENSION IS ALREADY ON WEBSITE, SO PLS ADD SAGA, BECAUSE ITS 5IN1 GAME, SO NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD EVERY GAME SEPARETELY, APREACIATE IF YOU GET THIS GAME ON WEBSITE. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Danger of The Ooze. Saints Row IV Game of The Century Edition. Hi, can you add a pkg for F1 Championship Edition, please? I really wanna that game:'(. Can you make a tutorial about how make RAP files for a PKG game? Because I have a PKG game but I don't have the RAP file, so when I try to inject it to my PS3 the game doesn't work. Please can you upload the hatsune miku project diva f 2nd (USA version) for ps3??. How to play PS2 Games on Your PS4. PS4 Game Name: Crash Twinsanity Working on: CFW 5.05 ISO Region: Europe Language: English Game Source: DVD Game Format: PKG Mirrors Available: Rapidgator. I have PS3 OFW 4.82. ..i am not able to install DEVIL MAY CRY 4 using CFW2OFW. ..since the game doesn't have update. ..that's why if you can make a PKG and RAP file I would be very grateful. . just not sure if i can dl the updates from psn.


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